Monday, November 3, 2008

Target: Cheap Kelloggs Cereal

Kellogg's Cereals which include the 16.3-oz. Frosted Mini Wheats Strawberry Delight, 16.9-oz. Frosted Flakes Gold, 17.5-oz. Smart Start, 16.5-oz. Cocoa Krispies and 12-oz. Special K with red berries are on sale this week for $2.75 a box at Target. If you buy 5 boxes of cereal you will qualify for either a $5 Target gift card or a free gallon of milk, depending on the area in which you live.

To make this deal even sweeter you can go HERE and print off a $1 off Any Kelloggs cereal coupon. You can print up to 6 coupons just by hitting the back button and printing them again.

In the end you will end up paying either:

  • $8.75 out of your pocket for the 5 boxes of cereal and then get the $5 Target Gift card, which will make it look like you are spending $.75 a box for your cereals.
  • Or you will pay $8.75 out of your pocket for 5 boxes of cereal and then get a free gallon of milk priced for around $2.75 a gallon.
Obviously getting the $5 Target Gift card would be the better deal but I wouldn't complain about the free milk either!

Make sure to check your ads to see which one of the 2 offers are available to you in your area.

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