Sunday, November 2, 2008

Walgreens: Almost Free DIAPERS!!

Walgreens once again is having a GREAT deal on Diapers this week. They did an amazing deal back in July which I very heavily took part in and got me about 15 packs of diapers and only spent about $5 out of my own pocket for them. We are running low and I have been hoping for another sale soon, and here it is!! I can't believe I missed it while I was looking at the deals for the week. Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom for finding this deal and afullcup for explaining how it all works!

Walgreens Brand Diapers-B1G1 Free (priced at $8.99 for one)
(There is a limit of 4 packs on each purchase)

Use the $2/1 Pharmacy Booklet coupon (you can find this by going to the Pharmacy Counter and asking about their Prescription Savings Plan. You will be given a coupon pamphlet for over $50 worth of coupons!)
Use the $2/2 Walgreens coupon from the November EasySaver booklet
Final Price: 2 packs of diapers for $2.99 after coupons!

If you want a little bit of help with how this works you can go to this post for step-by-step instructions on the deal!

And, if any of you are wondering about the quality of these diapers I actually really like the diapers. I am not a brand loyal person and usually just get the generic at stores. I would say if you are going to get these diapers get the "premuim" Walgreens diaper packs. Those are the best ones! They are better than any of the Generic brand diapers I have ever tried, including the Parent's Choice brand at Walmart. If you want a diaper that is just a little less quality than the Huggies diapers than you will LOVE these diapers. They are a great alternative to paying for Huggies diapers!


~Jamie said...

Well, I'm going to do my first Walgreen deal in the morning. Thanks for the heads up, I prepared by rereading the post of how the whole thing works. I hate to spend money on diapers so thanks for info. I LOVE your blog and linked your button to my blog. Hope it helps.

~Jamie said...

Well I tried to do the diaper deal this morning. I was only partial successful, but totally frustrated. The pharmacy said I needed to sign up for a 20 dollar rx plan to get the coupon booklet and what I thought was the $2/2 coupon the cashier said wasn't a coupon because it did not have a bar code and did not honor it even though it said $2 off diaper and looked like a coupon. HELP!! tell me what I did wrong. THANKS ~JAMIE

Erin said...

I am sorry the diaper deal did not work out like you had wanted it too. I don't know why the pharmacy said you had to sign up for the $20 plan. I have asked about this plan probably 10 different times to get more coupons and I have never had to do that. The sign in the pharmacy that talks about those coupons just says that you have to ask them about their plan, not sign up for it. Sorry, that happened. Also I'm not sure what happened with the $2/2 coupon. That is weird they would not accept it. I'm not sure why they didn't allow it. I don't have an ESC right now at my house so I can't check to see if you grabbed the right coupon or not but I'm pretty sure they should have accepted the coupon. Sometimes I think cashiers don't know how coupons work or workers are misinformed about something like the pharmacy plan. Or maybe it was just that one specific pharmacy.

Sorry about the trouble you had.

I am Frugal

Alison said...

The ESC doesn't have an actual coupon for the diapers. It's a page that states $2.00 will be taken off of 2 packs of normally priced diapers automatically at checkout. There is no scanning of a coupon and since the diapers were not regular retail the $2.00 won't be taken off. I was still very successfull in getting a stash of diapers. I took my husband with me to 3 different Walgreens. I called ahead to all the pharmacies and they told me they had the coupon booklet and to just come and ask for it and they would give it to me. And I did. At each Walgreens my husband and I bought 4 daipers each and some of the schick razors with overage. If I bought 4 daipers and 4 razors my total cost was $6.00. All together through 5 transactions at 3 Walgreens I got 18 packs of diapers, 10 packs of Razors and 4 bags of Ricola cough drops. I put $33.00 on my gift card, used $13.00 in Register Rewards and paid Nothing out of Pocket!! My total saving was $199.66!!! If you don't have the razor coupons and can get a hold of the coupon booklet you should pay $2.50 a pack. I averaged $1.93 per pack. It was great, seeing how I have 2 kids in diapers.

~Jamie said...

Thanks for the follow up. I'm new to this game and would love to become a frugal master! That makes sense now about the coupon. Not sure why the pharmacy did pan out for me, maybe just rotten luck. I will not be deterred by my half success. It was still a good deal! Oh, by the way do you have an extra razor I can borrow?? LOL