Monday, November 3, 2008

RedBox Code for Monday Nov. 3

Every Monday Redbox releases a free rental code. This promo code expires tonight at midnight but you can use multiple credit/debit cards for this same promo code to rent more than one DVD.

The code for today is: 67JFP8

To use the code, select whatever movie you want, go through the screens as it directs you. When you see a button on the bottom of your screen that says "add promo code" click on it and it will prompt you to enter in your code. Afterwards, it will direct you to finish out the rest of your transaction. You do have to swipe your debit/credit card still but there will be no charge put on your account unless you return it after 9:00 pm tomorrow night.

If you have any questions let me know! If you need to find a redbox near you, go HERE!

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Julie said...

Erin! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you do this too! I started couponing like 2 months ago and I am TOTALLY addicted! I am not anywhere NEAR as experienced as you are but I WANT TO BE! I want you to help me figure ALL of this out and get the best deal for my money! I am still debating how to organize the coupons in a good manner. I have done the hanging folders and then I cut the coupon once I need that the smartest way? Your site is so informative and I am so thankful you put the time into it! How do you do ALL you do? You are amazing!