Friday, October 31, 2008

My Frugal Pirates

Happy Halloween to Everyone! I wanted to do a little post to show you my cute kids and their "frugal" costumes for this year. In the past I have not been a big fan of Halloween but this year has seemed to be a little different for me. I have loved making and putting up some homemade Halloween decorations, making little gift bags for some of my kid's friends, making pumpkin cookies and bread, and now getting ready for some trick-or-treating with my kids. Halloween is so much funner when you have kids to dress up.

For this year, I really didn't want to spend very much money on my kids costumes, simply because we just didn't have the money too; but I also had no idea what to dress my kids up as. Thanks to a little dress up birthday party my little boy went to a couple of weeks ago I was able to come up with his costume as a pirate or "jack sparrow" by using some of his clothes we already had around the house. We simply rolled up his church pants, put on his snow boots, untucked his shirt and vest and added a little drawn in chest hair, mustache, and eyebrows to finish up the look. Then all he needed was a sword and he was all set!

I was actually pretty excited about my little girls costume this year because I used the 20% off coupon from Shopko (this expires tonight if you still want to use it for something) and found her pirate costume on clearance for 75% off. The costume was originally $40 and I got it for around $8 after the 75% discount and then the 20% off coupon. I thought that was a pretty good deal and it is even a 3T costume so she could wear it next year as well as just have it around the house for some cheap dress up clothes. So total spend on both of my kids costumes was around $8!

So, did anybody find any good deals on their Halloween costumes or decorations before Halloween? And if nobody did, make sure to go shopping tomorrow to find all the Halloween decorations and costumes you need for next year for more than 80% off at some stores! I love the after holiday sales!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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