Friday, September 5, 2008

A little Busy and some good Diaper Deals!

Sorry I have been slow around here! I'm doing a wedding cake for the weekend so until that is done I'm not doing a whole lot. It's getting really hard to do anything now with two little kids running around, especially a big wedding cake. Until it's done and I have delivered it I'm not doing very much. Sorry!

I did want to point out a good article that I read about getting good deals on diapers.

Some of the highlights of the post were:

* Give Generic a Try. Some generic store brand diapers are coming off of the same factory line as name brand diapers.

*Get on Huggies, Luvs, Pampers mailing list for coupons.

*Stack Coupons. Many time you can get huggies, luvs, pampers coupons and then places like Target will put out Store coupons that can be combined with the manufacturer coupons. Then wait until they come on sale at Target and use both coupons with the sale to get an AWESOME deal on name brand diapers, like $.99 for a pack of Luvs diapers!

*Read Baby Cheapskates Blog. Every week she puts out the best deals on diapers and formula. You can go HERE to read her blog.

This point comes from my opinion.
*Try different kinds of diapers (name brand or generic). Don't be a diaper snob. You may have tried a certain kind of diaper with one kid and they didn't work. This doesn't mean they won't work for another. My kids always had blowouts in Huggies but not the generic White Cloud Brand of diapers at Walmart, but others swear by Huggies. Pampers gave one of my kids a rash but not the other. Every kids body is shaped different so try some different brands out and don't be afraid to try some generic.

Some of my favorite diapers are actually the White Cloud brand from Walmart and the Walgreens Premium Diapers (the ALL red bag) and I have tried ALOT of different brands of diapers.

For a more detailed post about these ideas you can go HERE!

Have a good Friday Afternoon!

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