Friday, September 5, 2008

Free Items at Associated Food Stores!

I said I wasn't going to do very much today like I said in my previous post but I just wanted to post one more thing.

Associated Food Stores (stores with Western Family Products) are doing an online promotion. If you go to Western Family's website HERE, choose your internet connection, then click on the "webisode" tab at the top of the screen. Watch the little video and then you can print off a coupon for FREE items. You can print off as many as you'd like of that coupon, but you can only use one coupon per customer per visit.

These coupons are only valid for one week. I checked this website out and watched the Webisode and got a Free 3 pk of Western Family popcorn!

From what I have heard, each week they will have a new product for free. So the week of:
Sept. 10th WF string cheese
Sept. 17th WF Mac & Cheese
Sept. 24th WF Burritos
Oct. 1st WF 24 oz Ketchup
Oct. 8th WF 6oz olives
Oct. 15th WF Cake Mix
Oct. 22nd WF Tuna 6 oz
Oct. 29th WF Apple Sauce 15 oz.

Thanks Kati for pointing this out to me. I'm excited for some completely free items without having to do a whole lot of work!!

If you need to find a list of stores that are considered Associated Food Stores in your area, you can go here for a store Locator!

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