Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Walgreens: Possible money-maker on Dove Soap Bars

Walgreens usually has their Dove Single Bars of Soaps for around $1.59 each. If you buy 8 of the Single soap bars and use the $.99 in-ad coupon from this weeks paper it should take off $.60 per bar of soap. This means you would pay around $7.92 plus tax for all 8 bars and then you would get a $10 register reward back, making a profit of about $2.

Note: this may not work for everyone. The in-ad coupon says there is a limit of 3 but some Walgreens will allow you to get as many as you want with the in-ad coupon. If this is not the case then your deal would turn out a little more differently and you would be able to get 8 bars for around $12.72 and then the in-ad coupon would allow for 3 of your bars to have $.60 taken off of them. You would pay about $10.92 out of pocket and then still get a $10 register reward back. You would get 8 bars of soap for under a $1 after the in-ad coupon and register reward, which is still a GREAT deal in my books!

Thanks to MoneySavingMom for posting about this deal!


Sheldon and Becca said...

Is the $.99 coupon in this weeks Walgreens ad?

lovin'life said...

I was wondering if anyone had tried this at the Springville or Provo Walgreens? Please, let me know!