Thursday, February 26, 2009

A great Freebies Website-

I don't know if you guys have noticed this little link on the left hand side of my blog or not but I wanted to explain a little about This is a great website I found a while back that posts freebies that are going around on the internet. I often go to their website to find some freebies to post on my own website to share with everyone and really like how they have set up their freebies by categories to find what you want fast. They also have a featured website section that informs you about other websites that are informative about ways to save money, and live on less than you make. Right now I am one of the featured websites for a short time, so I feel pretty special! :) was started by two friends who realized there were many great ways to save money on the Internet. They started searching for the best freebies online. Naturally, their friends wanted to know about them as well, so whenever a good freebie was found they would email it to their friends. After spending hours a day scouring the internet they finally decided to create a website so that everyone would have access to these freebies they were collecting, which is now known as

They are now giving away prizes every month to subscribers of their daily newsletter, last month it was a $25 iTunes gift card. You can subscribe to their website for free and they will send you a MAXIMUM of one email a day on a recent freebie so you don't get bombarded with emails from them. There is no obligations for any of the freebies and you don't have to subscribe to their website to see the freebies they have available on their site.

And just so everyone knows, I am NOT getting anything for informing you about their website. If you decide to sign up for their newsletter I will make a VERY SMALL profit but there is ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION to sign up for anything if you don't want too. I mostly just wanted to inform you about this great website because I really enjoy it myself.

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Anonymous said...

Great site. I haven't seen that one yet, thank you!
Here is another great site for free stuff.