Thursday, February 26, 2009

Free High School Musical 3 DVD!

Update: It looks like a few people have emailed me telling me that this movie was priced for $20 at their local Walmart NOT the $10 that I had heard about. Sorry about the misunderstanding. Some of you may still be able to get the $10 price and get this movie for free, while others still may have to pay $10 total for the DVD, which is still a great deal to me!
Walmart has High School Musical 3 priced for around $10 right now. There is a $5 printable HERE as well as a mail in rebate for $5 HERE. To use the Mail in Rebate you have to buy the DVD, 1 Sara Lee bread product and 1 Hillshire Farms lunchmeat. The Mail in Rebate is an online pdf and you DO NOT need to buy all three items at the same time. So you can buy them at different times and save your reciepts.

This makes the DVD FREE after Mail in Rebate, Awesome!

Thanks to the Centsible Sawyer for posting about this great deal!


Kara said...

Oh. My. Heck! You just made my day. I love these movies (yeah, I know I'm a teenager) and I'm SO freakin' excited about this Erin!

Debbie said...

I wish this DVD was around $10.

I went to W/M yesterday, and it was $20!!!