Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rite Aid's Coupon Policy

To go along with the coupon policies I have been working on getting the past couple of weeks here is Rite Aids. I finally emailed Rite Aid a while ago about their corporate coupon policy because I have had issues with them in the past and I finally got an email back. It seems like every cashier there is so different and has no set rules on what they will allow. So....here is the information on their corporate coupon policy.

"Our corporate coupon policy is as follows:

All coupons must have a valid expiration date.
Manufacturer coupons are limited to one an item.
Rite Aid in-house coupons that begin with RC48 and RC49 in the barcodes can be used with a manufacturer's coupon.
Competitor's in-house coupons are not honored at any Rite Aid store.
Some manufacturers coupons do not have a specific set price on them - it will be up to what the
item costs or a certain dollar amount and must be written in by cashier.
Internet coupons will only be accepted, if they are Rite Aid coupons printed from our website.

Customer Support"

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