Saturday, October 25, 2008

Great Deals at Walgreens this week!

I was finally able to make it to Walgreens this week and use up my Register Rewards that were about to expire. I definitely took advantage of the $5/$20 coupon as well as my Register Rewards and got a lot of things that we needed. I know this picture looks like a lot of paper products and that is because there IS a lot of paper products. We currently don't have a dishwasher and I am constantly doing dishes and cannot keep up on them so as a solution to this problem for this time in our life we have decided to use paper products for our breakfast and lunches! I know it is adding to our waste consumption but I just can't handle any more dishes for a little while. I need a break!

With that being said, this is what I got:
1st transaction
6 packs of Schick Quattro Razors-$8.29 each
3 Theraflu-$4.99 each
1 container of disinfectant wipes- $3.00
3 boxes of Kleenex's-$1.75 each
1 Almay Mascara-$6.99
3 packs of paper plates- $1.50 each
Total Before Coupons: $88.55

Coupons used:
Used 3 B1G1 manuf. coupons for the Razors (that took off $24.87)
Used 3 $2 off Manufacturer coupons for the razors (that took of $6)
Used 1 $2 off October Easy Saver Coupon for the razors (this took off $2 for each of the 6 packs of razors that I bought, so it took off $12)
Used 1 $3 off November Easy Saver Coupon for the razors (this took off $3 for each of the 6 razors that I bought after the B1G1 coupon, so it took off $18.)
Used $1 off coupon for the Almay Mascara.
Used 3 $.40 off coupons for the 3 Kleenex boxes (this took off $1.20)
Used $5/$20 coupon
Total coupon amount: $68.07

Total After Coupons: $88.55 - $68.07 = $20.48
then I used $9 that I still had on my gift card from last months rebates so I paid about $11 out of my own pocket for all of that.

I then earned back an $8 Register reward for the Theraflu and a $1 Register Reward for the Kleenex's. And will get back $6.99 in rebates for the mascara and about $4 in rebates from the Theraflu. Total earned back about $20.

So I spent $11 oop for my first transaction but got back $20 worth! Profit of about $9

Then I did my second transaction. I bought:

4 packs of bowls- $1.50 each
6 packs of cups- $1.50 each
Total cost: $15 plus tax

I used an $8 RR, $1 RR (from previous transaction), and then I also used 2 $3 RR from two weeks ago.
I paid about $.50 out of my own pocket for all the cups and bowls!!

Total I paid about $11.50 out of my own pocket for the 2 transaction and I will still be getting back the $6.99 rebate for the mascara and $4 rebate for the Theraflu.

Overall Total out of pocket after the rebates will be about $0!!!! I love using coupons!!

Sorry that was probably really confusing. I explained it as best I could.


Michael said...

Here's a new site with giveaways.

Team Boyd said...

Awesome deal on Razors! It's great to get a high priced item for Free or close to Free! I highly value my little razor coupons ;)