Saturday, October 25, 2008

Giving Outside of the Box

Here is a post worth reading that I wanted to share with everyone, especially since the holiday season is beginning.

I really enjoyed an article written yesterday by The Simple Dollar that talked about "Giving outside of the Box." With my families situation of having two little kids at home and my husband in school full time and working only about 10 hours a week we are very limited on money. I often feel bad for not being able to contribute in some way, especially because we have been blessed with so many people who have helped us while going through school. I really liked this article he wrote because it helped me to remember that you don't have to be writing a check for a large amount of money to be contributing back. All you have to do is "give what you have."

This may not be much for us but I am realizing now as I am building up a stockpile of things that that alone is something I can do to help others. I can donate things to foodbanks or womens shelters that I have been able to get for free or almost free. For now, that is all I can give, but I am grateful for the chance I have to give back!

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