Thursday, August 7, 2008

Accumulating Coupons

One question I had when I started to do couponing and trying to really get into it was "Where is everyone getting their good coupons?" Once I started watching for them I realized they were EVERYWHERE. Once you start opening your eyes to them, you will see just how many there really are out there, and will be amazed at what you can find. Here are 7 of the simplest ways to build up a supply of coupons.

1-The Best way and most common place to find coupons is to Subscribe to your local newspaper. This is the simplest way to get started couponing - Most papers are only about a $1.00 to $1.50 each day for the newspaper and it will be worth it to you to get the paper. By using just one coupon every week you will have paid for your paper.

When I started with couponing, my problem with getting the newspaper was that I NEVER read them so I didn't want to be paying for something that I was going to just be throwing away. If you are buying the paper only for the coupons, which is what I do, see if you can subscribe to a Sunday-only edition or at least a weekend-only edition of your local newspaper. I think almost ALL newspaper companies will allow you to do this for a very low price.

There are a few online sites, including eBay and The Coupon Master where you can buy tons of extra coupons from the newspaper inserts for a fraction of the cost. This would be a great way to stockpile on certain products you want.

2-Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers for their extra papers. Let it be known that you are couponing and will gladly take any extra coupon inserts from anyone who doesn't use them. You might be surprised how many you can collect this way. I just mentioned it to two of my neighbors once and faithfully every week their little kids will bring me over the inserts. Grandparents are a great source for newspaper inserts. They are usually eager to save their coupons for others, so be sure to ask them.

3- Trade. If you know someone that has a pet or kids that does couponing ask them if they would want to swap some coupons with you. I always see really good dog food coupons and wish I knew someone close by me that had a dog and that would use the coupons.

4- Get coupons at the store. I never realized how many coupons you can find at stores. Keep your eyes peeled at the store and pick up any coupons you find on tearpads usually hanging on the shelves or find them in the blinking dispensers attached to shelves. If you have kids let them find them for you. My son has an eye for them, I think he thinks they are toys, but he can always spot them and there are usually some really good coupons from those. If there are extras, pick up multiple copies of these. I have found out that a lot of times, the same item you picked a coupon up for in the stores will be on an awesome sale just a few weeks later and you’ll be glad you picked up more than one coupon from the tearpad and blinkies!

5- Print coupons online. "Printables” are an awesome source for coupons. Make sure you ask each store at their customer service desk before you start shopping with them though. You can do a search for "printable coupons" online and it will bring up huge lists of different printable coupons. There is also multiple links on the side of my blog to popular printable coupon website.

You can also search for a specific item and see if there are any printable coupons. If there is a product that you love or that is on your grocery list you can look up their websites and see if you can find any printable coupons. Most of these sites allow you to print multiple coupons per computer every few weeks so bookmark your favorite sites.

6- Check out your local recycling bin. I have not done this yet myself but I've heard of people doing this and in a short time you could probably find a handful of coupon inserts. Be careful and make sure you are finding CLEAN recycle bins before you start digging.

7- Ask your favorite companies for coupons. Its amazing what you can get just by emailing your favorites. Make sure you compliment them on their products or if you have a complaint make sure you are nice as well. Simply ask them for any coupons they might have so you can continue to use their coupons. From what I have seen doing this I am usually able to get even better coupons straight from the company than I do by getting them through the newspapers and every where else. So just ask, what can it hurt! I always have a hard time asking for things but this is something that is easy to do because they can't see you, you can't see them so there is no face-to-face interaction if you get shutdown for coupons. I recently heard of a lady that had emailed a diaper company and praised them on their diapers and then sent her multiple coupons for $5.00 off as well as a coupon for a free pack of diapers! All she did was ask.

Make sure you are honest when emailing companies. It is very tempting to just start emailing every company and asking them for their coupons but be honest when praising them or complaining about their product.

Start actively looking for coupons and you’ll soon find more sources than you could ever imagine!

Get excited! I get so excited every Sunday to see what is in each coupon insert for the week. I actually get so excited about it that my husband banned me from clipping any coupons on the Sabbath because I'm not focusing on what we really are suppose to be focusing on. It is such an annoying little rule but I'm thankful for it and only peak at them a little each Sunday while he is not looking. But, Monday morning bright and early I'm cutting and organizing those coupons! :)

Happy Hunting!


Christina said...

This is awesome. I shop around, but have never had the ambition to do coupons. Anyways there is a site called that is very helpful in all this too! I am excited for your new blog!

Michael and Katie Broderick Family said...

you should (if you don't already know about them) look at fat wallets and slick deals. They have people post good deals and coupons

Erinn said...

I really like the convenience of being able to print out coupons.

Brenda said...

Where do you find the emails for the companies?

Erin said...

To find the email addresses for companies you can simply google whatever company you are wanting to find like Johnson & Johnson and find their website and then there is usually a link on the very top or very bottom of the webpage that will say something like "customer service" or "contact us". They will usually have an email address you can send emails too or they will have an actual little email template that you enter in your own email address, Name, and questions or suggestion for them.

Hope this helps!

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