Friday, August 8, 2008

Freebie Friday

Periodically I'm going to try and post some online freebies that I've found or that others have found and this was one freebie that I really liked.

This is for a 14 day Supply of NatureMade Liquid Softgel Vitamins. You can get this free sample by clicking Here.

You will only be able to sign up for this one time so pick a good one. Of course they are all good but there are six different varieties of vitamins including a multi-vitamins to choose from. I signed up for this sample about 3 weeks ago and it came very quickly, probably within about a week and a half.

Other Freebies for this week:
Here is a free sample of Oatmeal Crisp.
Here is a free sample of Kotex.
Here is a free sample of Gillette High Performance Deep Cleaning Shampoo.

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