Monday, April 13, 2009

Why I've Been Gone

I have had quite a few emails the past couple of days from readers wondering if I am all right. I want to thank everyone for their concern and let you all know that I am totally fine I have just been EXTREMELY busy the past week.

With the Easter Holiday and family coming into town that we haven't seen since Christmas we have been spending a lot of time away from home and things are going to just be getting crazier. Right now we have family in town, next week my husband graduates with his bachelors and the day after he graduates we are leaving for 9 days to go on a CRUISE!! This has been a VERY long awaited vacation and I am counting down the days! But, as soon as we get back we will pretty much be broke and without a job!! Thank goodness for big tax returns and my couponing skills! :) My husband works on campus for BYU and since he will no longer be a student he will no longer be working for BYU. So the job search begins for this next year while we wait to start Law school.

So, as of now I will be busy helping my hubby look for a job as well as help him study for the LSAT which he will be taking in June. I also have been looking into some different programs and schools and have been considering going back to school to get my Masters. I NEVER thought I would want to go back to school but here I am wishing I could go back!! I still am not sure if I will or not but we joke around that me, my hubby, and two kids could all pack our school lunches together in the morning and head off to school together! :)

We have multiple different vacations and family reunions for the next couple of months so I have decided instead of worrying and fretting about making sure that I have a post up everyday while trying to get everything else done I am going to STOP doing the "I Am Frugal" blog for a time.

When I started the "I am Frugal" blog I was in a "season" of life where I NEEDED something to do at home while I was home with the kids all day. "I am Frugal" became my "Out." I feel, at least for the next couple of months, that a new season has begun and I need to make some changes and new priorities for me and my little family.

I have LOVED doing this blog and have learned so much about all of my different readers, saving money, how computers work :) and so many other things that I'm excited to look into and learn more about. I have even considered looking into taking some classes about online marketing or web design for the future!

For now, I am saying Goodbye to "I am Frugal." Maybe someday I will start it up again and hopefully find some of you great people again. Until then, thank you for your wonderful encouraging comments and the great tips and help you have given to me to make posting on this blog a lot easier!

I have made a list of some of my favorite blogs and websites that I have found useful over the past year. Some are money saving blog while others are recipe and craft and just some of my favorite blogs. I hope you all will take a look at these great blogs and find the help that you will need for your future "frugalness."

Money Saving Blogs:

Food/Craft/Misc. Blogs: (favorite recipe blog) (favorite homemade craft website) (Cute,Cute, Mom!) (Love this girls tips on clothing, and she is funny!)


Danika said...

Congrats on your hubby's graduation (my husband & I are both BYU grads). Enjoy your time together. I've enjoyed your blog. Good luck to him finding a job!

Kristy said...

I am SO sad! Your website was kind of my foot in the door in my recent couponing fouray! But I understand. We can't do everything. Good luck with the job search. I find that to be a very difficult time...thanks for all your work on this. I hope you'll leave it up, just in case I have questions about Walgreens or something and want to refer back here...

Beth said...

Congratulations on your husband's graduation and your upcoming vacation - how exciting! I'm a BYU grad myself, and my husband actually just finished law school last May. So, I can definitely relate to the changes/adventures/worries you're experiencing. I'll miss your blog, but think it's great that you're taking this time to focus on all that your family has going! I wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

I'm really sad you're leaving and I'll miss you. On the other hand I totally understand and wish all the best for you and your family. Good luck!

happygarden said...

Thank you for all the time you have given us! I have enjoyed your blog so much.

Good Luck! I am sure you will be a success in all you do!

Jeremiah said...

Hey Erin,

Congrats as well on your hubbies graduation and have a great time on the cruise! I definelty understand the "seasons" of life, and I will be praying for you guys that God will open up some doors for your husband and yourself in the upcoming days! I have really enjoyed your blog and getting to know you better! Thanks for all the encouragement and help you have given me!

Will be keeping you in my bloglines, just in case you decide to return to blogging! ;O)

Again...have fun on your cruise..I am very jealous (since it is cold and rainy here! ;O))

God bless,
Shepherd's Savings

Veronica said...

Congratulations on all the wonderful things going on in your life! There is certainly a time and season for everything. I am a little sad though. I just ventured into this world, and your blog really helped me. I hope you will leave it up, and one day return to blogging! Good luck and God bless!

Nicole said...

I am sad to see you leave, but thank you for all the help you've given. Good luck!

Kristine said...

Good luck with wherever life takes you! Thanks for putting time into this blog. I'll miss it!

Susy said...

This makes me sad....really enjoyed your personality that you put into your blog! Have a great future!

Sandi and Jedd said...

Congrats from another BYU grad and Utah County blogger! I'll miss having another Utah blogger to compare deals with... Even though I don't "know" you, I've come to really like you! :-) Best of luck!


Wifeof1Momof4 said...

I am glad to know you are doing okay. Congrats to your hubby for finishing school! God will provide the finances you all need to get through the next season.

I will miss stopping by .. I have sooo enjoyed your posts and help saving money. You DID accomplish that task!!!

Have a great spring, summer and time with your family! NOTHING can replace the memories you all will make.

See you later!!!

Jenny said...

You were the first frugal blog I looked at and your blog was the one that helped me get the ropes of the Walgreens programs. Thanks so much for all the time you have put into your blog. I'm sad you won't be blogging anymore, but I totally understand why and wish you and your family the best!

Mercedes said...

Hi Erin!

aww, I am sad to see you "go." Although I really hope to see you around commenting on other blogs. I also hope you will be back on your own time.


Michelle said...

Oh, I am sad you are leaving. I just found your blog a little while ago, but it has been great. I wish you the best in your new adventures and congratulations on your husband's graduation!

Best of luck to you and thanks!

Lilit said...

CRUISE!!! oh my dream... Have FUN!!!
My hubby and I WILL miss the free red box on Monday nights.. it's only a buck, but still. Any tips as to where I can still get it?

We are the Dall family said...

Check out my blog. I update it daily!