Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm embarrassed!

I'm embarrassed! For anyone that sees this blog through a reader or through email subscription you will have gotten a post that I wrote about my family about our Christmas. I was suppose to be writing it for my own personal family blog but when I published it I realized it was accidentally published in this Blog. I have deleted it from the posts on this site but those that are subscribed will mostly likely still see it. I guess enjoy it if you want. I'm embarrassed because it is christmas pictures of my family (Yes, I am that far behind in posting on my personal blog, I spend way to much time posting on this one!!) And please don't judge my family pictures I was joking around about how unphotogenic my family was so I posted some not so attractive pictures of my kids on Christmas morning and my hubby on christmas morning getting his Wii. Please don't judge! :)

How embarrassing!!!???


Leesie said...

Oh darnit! lol I usually delete the emails I get because I always end up going directly to my Google Reader to read all the posts at once. I am afraid I missed that one - haha! I'm sure everyone will be more understanding and compassionate than you gave credit ;o)

Kim said...

I didn't see your Christmas post but I just wanted to tell you thank you for all the time you spend on this blog. It is one of my favorites. I check it daily and I've recommended it to my friends. Just know that your time and efforts are appreciated.


Andrea :) said...

Your kids were so cute with their "non-photogenic" faces. I thought it was fun to see kids being kids. No worries!

Thank you for this blog! It has helped me out so much. I'm always recommending it to friends that want to be more frugal. :) Keep up the wonderful work!