Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rebates in the Forbidden Aisle! :)

With the new year comes the SuperBowl, and with the SuperBowl comes the pizza, pop, deli trays, chips, grills, buffalo wings, and any other junk food you can think of! I personally am not huge into watching football on T.V. but I do LOVE the SuperBowl because my dad makes thee BEST buffalo wings ever!!

Right now, keep your eyes out for Beer Rebates in your local grocery stores. I know that sounds ridiculous to some because we don't even drink beer, but Beer companies put out a LOT of rebates around SuperBowl time for food items, utensils, grills, T.V.'s and just about anything else without any strings attached to buy their brand of beer, or any beer for that matter.

So keep your eyes out the next time you go grocery shopping; walk down the beer aisle and see if you can find any rebate forms attached to the aisles. Some of the more recent rebate forms found include:
  • $15 rebate for a purchase of $15 worth of deli products or pizza
  • $10 rebate on Bottled Water, two 24ct cases or equivalent
  • $25 rebate on any Television purchase
  • $5 off utensils, cups, plates, bowl with a $10 minimum purchase
  • Save $7.50 on Tostitos Chips and/or Dips and/or Soda, Deli Items, Condiments, Ice, Paper Plates, or Plastic Cups, any brand, any size (min. $30 purchase)
And, many more! So keep your eyes out. Has anyone ever used these Beer rebates in the past? Or, are you like me and a little embarrassed to be walking down the beer aisle with your little kids in tow and looking for little paper forms? :)


Alison said...

Most of the rebates I've found have been on the beer displays, not so much in the isle. Hope this helps.

Heather said...

Haha that is funny. I have a bottle of Jim Beam in my pantry-- we made bourbon sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving (they were YUM)-- and its kind of hidden just in case someone walks in and is like ?? what the?! No, I am not a closet drinker!

Melissa said...

What store did you find the water rebate? That is a great deal!

Erin said...

Melissa: for the most part I have found rebates in Smith's but I have heard of people finding them in other stores like Albertsons. I think they are just hit or miss kind of thing. And like Alison said in her comment she found them on the beer displays not necessarily in the aisles.

Sorry, I don't have more direct answers. And I haven't found the water rebate I had just heard of that rebate on some forums.

I am Frugal

Melissa said...

I appreciate your help. I live in UT too so it is nice to find a blog that has local stores, that is why I was asking. I will let you know if I find the water rebate around.