Friday, January 30, 2009

Ikea: Free breakfast Jan 30-Feb 1

If you are planning on going to Ikea this weekend than make sure to pick up your free breakfast. Ikea is offering a free breakfast January 30th through February 1st. Their Free breakfast goes until 10:30 AM every morning and includes a free small breakfast and a cup of coffee.

This is not valid in Hicksville, Houston, Pittsburgh or at Ikea Direct.


Sarah said...

Hi Erin--I read your blog regularly, thanks for the great deals. A friend and I are about to start a coupon blog for our area (Flagstaff, AZ) and I am wondering if we can use your Walgreens/Target deals. We will of course give you credit and link to your blog. Is that okay with you? Our blog will be:

Erin said...

Sarah: I am fine if you use my Walgreens/Target Deals but PLEASE do not just copy and paste everything without giving credit. And even if you are giving credit you still should not just copy and paste. That goes for anyones blog that you get information from. The girls go through a lot of work to post their deals so please always give them credit.

Thanks for asking. good luck!

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