Monday, December 29, 2008

CVS: $3/$15 printable coupon

I don't have a CVS store around me and don't really know how they work but I know a lot of other websites have been posting about this coupon so I wanted to make sure all my readers that have a CVS around them can get in on this coupon.

You can go HERE, to get a $3 off a $15 purchase coupon for CVS, which is good until 1/09/09. I know CVS has a LOT of great deals all the time so this would definitely make your amazing deals even better.

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Jeremiah said...

Hey Erin,

Thanks for letting me know of my slip-up. I think I just wished it was $5 off!

I should hire you to be my personal editor, since it seems like I need one! lol. ;O)

Thanks again,

p.s. I got my coupon to work at our CVS here in Indiana!