Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Weird Place to find Rebates?!

Has anyone ever heard of BEER REBATES? Now don't misunderstand me, I have NEVER drank beer in my life and am NOT supporting drinking beer. But I recently heard about Beer Rebates and wanted to mention a little about them.

You can get rebates in random stores at random times for NONBEER items that are sponsored by Coors, Budweiser and whatever other Beer companies there are out there and you don't have to buy any beer to get these rebates. You can go HERE for a detailed list of some of the beer rebates that have been found in stores over the past couple of months. Some of them include:

  • $20 Gift Card on your $150 Supermarket purchase.
  • Save $10 by MIR on Salty Snacks, Ice, Charcoal, Propane, Condiments, Dips, Buns, Meat Snacks, Deli Sandwiches, Bottled Water, or Pizza.
  • $10.00 on the purchase of Tortilla Chips, Tortillas, Salsa, Cooking Oils, Meats, Cheeses, Marinades, and all canned or bottled Vegetables or Sauces
  • $15 on $100 purchase of Holiday Lights, Holiday Tree(s), Gift wrap, Ornaments, Ribbon, Tape, Gift Bags, or Candles (any brand, any size)
  • $10 gift card on $30 convenience store or fuel purchase
  • Save $7.50 off Meat, Salty Snacks, Soda, Bottled Water, Ice, Paper Plates, or Condiments (any brand, any size, min. purchase of $20)
  • Save $3.00 instantly on the purchase of any Four (4) of the following products: Ritz Crackers, Triscuits, Wheat Thins and Toasted Chips. (my sister found this one at Smiths in Brigham City Utah this past week)
Plus a ton more! Once again, you can go HERE to read about some of the recent rebates and coupons that have been found and remember you don't have to buy any Beer to get these deals! So keep your eyes out for these great rebates and coupons!

Has anyone ever seen these rebates in any of their stores or used any of these rebates for that matter!

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Mz. Cribb said...

Yeah! I found one for Miller Chill the weekend before Cinco de Mayo. If you bought a 12-pack of beer plus "Mexican Food" like chips, salsa, avocados, cheese, etc. adding up to $20, they would send you a rebate of $20. The catch was that you had to spend $75 on your total purchase, but that was easy at Wal-Mart I just stocked up on things like cat litter and fish food. So basically, I got free beer and some free food!