Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Homemade Stain Remover!

This is a great and easy recipe that I got from a close friend about 2 years ago and I have used it every time I have done my laundry since! I LOVE IT! Not only is it amazingly cheap to make but it works great! I will never pay for a laundry stain remover product again, unless I can get it for free or make money off of it!

There are only 3 ingredients for this recipe:

1 part Ammonia
1 part liquid dishsoap
1 part water

I put "part" because it doesn't matter the amounts you want to put of these 3 ingredients as long as they are equal. When I make my stain remover I usually put 1 cup of each of the 3 ingredients into a spray bottle like this one and shake it all together to make my stain remover. You could mix up a large batch of this stain remover and put it in something like a milk jug and then just reload your spray bottle whenever you get low. Whatever works for you!

So, like I stated before, just take all 3 of your ingredients with equal amounts of each, put them in a spray bottle or whatever you want to use and shake it around and you are done! Don't forget to label your bottle, I still haven't, but really should. :)

To use your stain remover simply spray it on your stains, new or old, let it sit for a minute, then scrub out the stain while running under hot water. Now just throw it into your washer.

Initially for your supplies you will pay about $1.00 for a small generic brand of Ammonia at your grocery store, you can get the small bottles of dish soap on sale ALL THE TIME for $.60 or less and there is about 2-3 cups in the little bottles, and your water is FREE or almost free I guess. You can also buy empty spray bottles at grocery stores for I think around $1. I bought mine at Walmart for $.97.

Cost Analysis:
Shout Stain Remover: about $3.00 a bottle
Zout Stain Remover: about $2.75 a bottle
Spray and Wash Stain Remover: about $3.00 a bottle

Homemade Stain Remover: about $.30 a bottle or cheaper!!

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Kara said...

I'm very proud right now! :) I'm glad I could be part of your blog. Lol. At least I'll take credit b/c I'm pretty sure I gave this stain remover to you. :)

Nan said...

I now use your laundry detergent recipe and love it so I will of course try your stain remover. My Family thinks I am over the top but it is worth it.
Thanks for these little bits.

Brian & Veronica said...

thank you so much for this recipe. i have to say that i am shocked at how well this works! so far it's removed all our toughest stains. (and yes, the cheap dish soap works...) i am wondering though, have you had any problems with this stain remover bleaching any of your laundry?

Brian & Veronica said...

i just asked about "bleaching", but wanted to have comments emailed, so i'm posting again... :)

Erin said...

Veronica: I have been using this stain remover for more than 2 years now and have NEVER had any problems with the stain remover bleaching my clothes. I have my stain remover in a spray bottle and I just spray it on the stain, wait a couple of seconds and then scrub it out and rinse it out before throwing it into the washer. You shouldn't have any problems with the stain remover.

Hope this helps.

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