Friday, November 21, 2008

Free Nutrabrite Teeth Whitening


This sample is AWESOME! You can click on the image above or click HERE to get a FREE 21 DAY TRIAL of Nutribrite Teeth whitening! This has an $89 value with absolutely NO further obligation to purchase anything else! You do have to pay about $3.95 in shipping but that is your only cost.

I'm excited to try this out and see how it works!

Fruit Roll-ups

Also, Fruit Rollups is doing their customized Fruit Rollup Sample again. You can click HERE to get another Sample or click on the image above.


Rigby Family said...

Getting the free trail does sign you up for a program where they send you more (not free) stuff after a certain period of time. You can cancel before they send anything, but you need to be aware what youa re signing up for. You also have to pay $4 shipping and handling.

Nancy said...

Hey Erin, Have you already ordered this and canceled it? I read that you get it for 21 days but if you don't cancel they will charge you $89. I just wondered how we cancel it before we are charged the $89, because I didn't see a phone number or email.

Erin said...

Nancy, I have not ordered and cancelled my order yet on this product. I am assuming that when they send you your first 21 day supply that they would have information on cancelling your order at least a phone number or contact of some sort. Sorry I don't have a little more info on it.

I am Frugal

Nicole said...

The phone number for customer service is 1-866-463-6237