Friday, October 24, 2008

Bath & Body Works Sale and Freebies!

Right now Bath and Body Works is having their 5/$15 sale on all of their antibacterial pump soaps, etc, for a limited time. I love these soaps but never buy them, I always miss the 5/$15 sale and can't get myself to pay full price for them when I know I can get them for $3 a piece at other times. There is a limit of 10 products on this deal! Also, you can go Here and sign up for their newsletter and receive a coupon for a FREE 2 oz. Signature Collection body lotion with any purchase! So you could get 5 pumps and a 2 oz. lotion for $15! These are great gifts for friends for Christmas!

Plus, while you are at Bath and Body works make sure to take advantage of this coupon for a free Wallflower or Scentport plugable diffuser starter set with ANY in-store purchase. The best part about this coupon is there is NO MINIMUM PURCHASE you have to make. So, you may be able to use this coupon by buying the $5/$15 deal which could possibly give you the 2 oz. bottle of lotion as well for free or you could just buy a small travel size item for a few dollars. and you will have your free product, which is worth $12.50 plus possibly the 2 oz. lotion! The possibilities could be endless depending on what your store will allow! :) I am definitely going to be doing this deal!

This could be a nice stocking stuffer....I should make my hubby go buy this for me and put it in my stocking. Better yet, I might be more likely to get it in my stocking if I just went and bought it myself and put it in there. :)

Be sure to print your coupon off here. It does not expire until November 23rd!

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