Thursday, October 30, 2008

8 Things you should do Immediately to Save Money on your Car!

I read a great article by the Simple Dollar this week about 8 simple things we should immediately do to save money on your car. I thought this was a great article to go with becoming more Frugal and stretching your hard-earned dollar. You can go HERE to read the full article, but just to give a few points on this article they included:

  • Read the Owners Manual in its Entirety
  • Follow the Manual's recommendations for gas purchases. (most cars recommend you get the "low grade" gasoline on your cars not the "premium."
  • Establish a Maintenance Schedule.
  • Photograph the car thoroughly. ( I wish I would have done this before I crashed my car a couple of years ago.)
  • Keep necessarily/Useful supplies in your car. The Simple Dollar gives a detailed list of things to have in your car so you don't have to pay anyone to come and help you. To add onto his list I would suggest putting some good Walking Shoes and a small notepad and pencil in your car. If your car breaks down, most likely you will be walking somewhere so you would want good shoes. You would also want to be able to leave a note on your car telling where you have gone in case someone stops by your car.
  • Air up your tires.
  • Shop around for Car insurance. It is amazing how much you can save on your car insurance simple by calling a few different companies. I had a personal finance class in college and my entire class was given the same VIN number for a car and we were each suppose to call 5 different car insurance companies with that VIN number and ask for the same policy as everyone else in the class. The price on a yearly premium for the same car with the same plan varied within a $500 span. So, call around!!
  • Establish a carpool

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