Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Quest for Sanity!

Sorry I've been a little missing in action the past two days. I've been trying to get my house organized. It seems like everyday I'm cleaning the exact same messes up over and over but sadly they are the messes that I am making over and over because I'm not organized in those area of the house. My kids are only a little to blame. So...I've been organizing our computer area to be more efficient and get rid of all the papers, I've rearranged the kids room a little to make it stay clean a little better, and got rid of a drawer full of body wash, perfumes (that never gets used), bubble bath, and random bottles that have taken over our bottom drawer in the bathroom and now everday gets pulled out by my little girl. Hopefully my work will pay off and our house will stay a little more organized and my sanity will be a little more under control.

I did make it to Walgreens this week and did really well. This is what I got:

1st transaction:
3 Dimetapp -used 3 $2/1 printable coupons
1 Crest Mouthwash- $4.50 use a $.75/1 coupon
Used $3/$10 coupon from our Walgreens (they are having their grand opening and sent this coupon out to the area!)
Paid about $5 out of pocket and got back a $10 RR and a $4.50 RR

2nd transaction:
3 Robitussin- Used 3 $3/1 coupons
3 Ricolla cough drops (these are our favorite) on sale 3/$3
1 Tylenol - Used $1.50 EasySaver coupon and $2 MC
Final Price was about $7 but I used my $4.50 RR
Paid $2.50 oop

Overall I paid $7.50 OOP and got back $20 in RR
Profit of about $12.50

Then while cleaning my house I realized my biggest problem in our house that drives me CRAZY everyday is our kitchen. We don't have a dishwasher OR a disposal (weird I know, who doesn't have a disposal anymore these days.) Anyway, I finally snapped and decided for this season in my life to save my sanity we are using paper plates, cups, bowls, and silverware as much as we can. I know this is going to add to our garbage every week and I'm sorry, but for this time in our lives where we have the two little kids who are constantly eating and running around like crazy I need a quicker clean up, at least during breakfast and lunch. So, I'm sorry I'm making more garbage but I PROMISE to be better as soon as my husband is out of school and we can move somewhere with a dishwasher. I tell my husband everyday "We never have to be rich, we just have to be rich enough to have a dishwasher and a red door." I know the red door thing is weird but I just love it when houses have red doors!

Anyway, because of this issue with the dishes I finally broke down and went and bought $40 worth of paper products at Walgreens and paid $0 out of pocket for it. This is how it all broke down.

$40 worth of walgreens brand paper products
Used $10/$40 coupon
Final Price was $30. 42
Used 2 $10 RR
Used $10.42 from my walgreens gift card.
Final Price: $0 out of pocket.

I am so thankful for my RR and gift card this week! I feel like such a happier person since I bought the paper goods and our kitchen has stayed a little cleaner.

Overall this week I paid $7.50 oop for everything and am stocked up for cold medicine for the winter and feel a little more sane!

Thank you Walgreens! :)

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The Schulze Fam said...

Erin can I just say you are amazing!! How in the world did you get this all figured out! I often look at this blog and just stare in awe! I must be more than the average dummy I still can't quit figure it all out, I quickly get confused and overwhelmed by it all then complain when I see the grocery bill! So I'm determined to do better. I think I need to start at the beginning again though. I'm very excited Hurricane is getting a Walgreen so hopefully I can get it figured out by the time they open. Thanks for all your tips and posting all the great deals. I just have one very stupid question to ask....Do you feel you're saving tons on your groceries each month?