Monday, September 8, 2008

Frugal Makeup!

I thought I would explain what these e.l.f. makeup ads are that are advertised on this blog.

I heard about e.l.f. makeup for the first time on the Oprah show probably 2 years ago and then just kind of forgot about it until a couple of months ago when I saw it again on a friends blog. e.l.f. makeup stands for Eyes Lips Face and is an online makeup company that sells ALL of their makeup for only a $1 a piece plus shipping! I have personally tried their lip glosses, eye lash curlers, and mascara and was actually really impressed by their quality. The mascara wasn't my favorite mascara I have ever had but I thought it was pretty good for how much it cost and I'm also pretty picky about mascara. I LOVED their lip glosses and their eye lash curlers work just as well as any other curler I have had.

Also their website allows you to build your own profile to find makeup that fits your skin type as well as a "get the look" section that teaches how to make a certain look in your makeup. There is also a "beauty secrets" section that gives quick tips on things like raccoon eyes, puffy eyes, running out of eyeshadow or eyeliner and many other topics worth reading about.

The best part is that ALL e.l.f. COSMETICS ARE ONLY $1.

So if you are like me....and don't like spending money on makeup to try new colors and don't want to waste money if you don't like them, then e.l.f. makeup is perfect. It works really well and is very cheap so it fits into trying to be more frugal.

Also, if anyone wants to look into this makeup there are TONS of promotion codes online for free shipping or a percentage off of your order. Here are just a few to get you started! If you want to look for more you can just google "elf makeup promo codes."

50% off your Shipping on next order of e.l.f. Cosmetics: coupon code DMSHP50

50% off order up to $15: coupon code Carolina or RADIO

FREE SHIPPING on $30 eyes lips face: coupon code ECTAPBY

Free Hypershine Lip Gloss with any purchase eyes lips face: coupon code ECHYPAY [Exp. 09/12]

Free e.l.f Professional Tool with any purchase eyes lips face: coupon code ECAPPCY

You may be able to stack promo codes and use one shipping promo code and one % off promo code. Give it a try when you are able to enter the promo codes.

Has anyone ever tried their makeup? Leave a comment if you have!

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