Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Free Hallmark Cards at Safeway!

We don't have Safeway in Utah but for any of you out there that do, from now until September 20th you can get 5 free Hallmark cards everytime you visit Safeway! You can do other deals and still get money taken off your transaction at the register but buying 5 cards is the best deal.

Buy 2 Hallmark cards, get $1 off
Buy 3 cards, get $2 off
Buy 4 cards, get $3 off

Buy 5 cards, get $5 off

Your best deal would be to buy 5 of the $.99 cards and get them all free. You don't have to purchase any other items in order to get this deal. You should still get all five free and not even pay tax. You can do this multiple times until Sept. 20 but you can do it only once per transaction.

This is a great way to stock up on Birthday, Congrats, Thank you.....whatever cards you want for free!

Thanks to Being Frugal is Fabulous for this tip!

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