Monday, August 25, 2008

Dave Ramsey Sale!

Thanks to Money Saving Mom for posting about this deal. I just wanted to let all of you readers know about this AWESOME deal doing on with Dave Ramseys books. If you do not know who Dave Ramsey is you are really missing out. He has a segment on the Radio as well as many books out about helping people take better control over their finances. Me and my husband as well as some of our family members LOVE Dave Ramsey and everything that he teaches. He not only helps you learn how to manage your money to get out of debt but he teaches you the right "order" of becoming more financially fit.

Me and my husband right now are going through school so we have VERY LITTLE INCOME but we have been trying to do Dave Ramseys steps and we now have a small emergency fund, we don't use credit cards anymore for anything, we are working on our debt snowball, and we are also working on our year supply of food storage that goes along with Dave Ramseys Steps to financial freedom. It is hard, but so worth it to become debt free and although we have some student loans I am so grateful because they are so minimal to what they could have been if we didn't have the help and motivation that we got from Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book.

If anyone is interested in getting started with Dave Ramsey's books or DVD they are ALL on sale until Sept. 2 for $10.00 each. I am not making any money off of trying to sell these books to you, I just want anyone out there that is wanting to become more financial free to know about this awesome deal. We already have Total Money Makeover and we love it! If you are really wanting to get started with his program he has a really good deal going on for his starters special which is 2 books, 2 DVD's, and his envelope system. This is originally $125.00 and it is on sale for $49.98 right now. If that is to out of your budget you can get any of his DVD's or books for $10.00 each. I would suggest starting out with his Total Money Makeover book or CD.

These would make an awesome, cheap Christmas gift to family members or just an awesome book to add to your collection.

To find out more about this deal you can go to Dave Ramsey's Website Here!

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