Wednesday, August 13, 2008

5 Painless Ways of Saving

I'm going to participate in the "5 Painless ways we have saved money" over on

1) I shop at Garage Sales and thrift stores, probably more than 90% of my kids clothes came from Garage sale or hand-me-downs and I have probably not spent over $1.50 for any piece of their clothing, except shoes, since they were born.

2) Instead of buying toys for my kids, I have started weekly going to the public PERC program (Parent Education Resource Center) at our local library and get my kids new toys, games, puzzles, videos, flannelboard stories, etc there instead of wasting my money on toys that they will play with for a week.

3) I have started making our own bread, tortillas, and granola for yogurt and Cereal weekly. We eat ALOT of bread and tortillas so this has cut back quite a bit.

4) I stay home more. This is less gas, less money spent at stores, and less impulse buying.

5) We cook extras for our dinner every night and freeze the leftovers in single portions for my husband to take to school and work everyday instead of buying things away from home. This has saved ALOT and he is eating so much better than he would be if he bought things at school and work.

There are my five. What would your "five painless ways of saving" be? Leave a comment!
To see lists from other women you can go here.

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